There are many reasons why it is a very popular trek to do in the Indian Himalayas.  The most important of them is this — the summit climb.

The summit climb of Kedarkantha is a very rewarding one.  Right from the base camp of the trek, the summit looms large.  As you start your trek in the early hours of the morning and steadily climb up the steep slope, the world opens up around you.

The climb is not easy.  The entire stretch is steadily steep.  As you get closer to the summit, it gets tricky as well.  But the big mountains of the upper Himalayas keep you company until you finally reach the summit.

As you stretch yourself and take in the views of the Himalayas from the summit, you feel a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This is an unparalleled feeling.

Very few treks offer the same adventure, making it popular among beginners for its finest summit climb.

Outside the summit, the trek is also unique for its beautiful clearings.  Very rarely you will find stunning clearings on a trek that makes way for some rest spots and beautiful campsites.  This trek is filled with clearings in all the different routes.  What more, the clearings are just at the right locations, giving you beautiful vantage points to appreciate the trek and its views.

The third biggest reason this trek is unique is its beautiful forests.  All three routes have beautiful diverse forests that will totally immerse you in.  If you are not careful, you will get lost in them (in a good way).

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